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  • 18 January 2019
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Is it possible to indicate an alternative path for the Cache directory in the INI file for Windows GUI?

Best answer by Ricardo 18 January 2019, 14:27

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Hello Marc,

Configuring an alternative Cache is possible through the following path:

IAM> Global configurations> create default configuration> create extended property CachePath with the desired Path as value:

Hi Ricardo, the program is started from Citrix. If I open it from our share start, a CACHE directory will be placed within our share, the data will be saved on this location.
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Good morning Marc,
What’s the current file location of your cache?
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This report appears in a relatively recent version of the IAM, I think you must be able to release this setting in IAM.
Please contact my college Ricardo or Roland
Added the following in the INI file:
CachePath = h: \ Temp

The following error message appears:
The following parameters are not allowed in the .ini file: CachePath

Remove the parameters from the .ini file and add it as extended properties to the SF and / or IAM.
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Probably you use an older version of the IAM. Would you like to try to create the parameter in the INI file? That’s the way we used to work.

Please let me know whether it was successful via the INI-file.
Hi Mark, I do not see all those possibilities from your screenshot. I only see Global Configuration ID & the check mark default configuration. I do not see the extended properties tab.
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Good morning Marc, I think this is possible. Check out the following printscreen: