Sync IAM from SF in the Cloud to IAM On-Premise

  • 15 March 2023
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If I understand correctly, the synchronization of IAM is now fully handled by Indicium?

So it is therefore not possible to open TSF (which is hosted in the cloud) from a target server (on-premise) and synchronize easily.

The only way that is now left is to save the script to disk, copy it to the target server and run it in SSMS. 

That's not something to be happy about. It therefore takes a lot of time to make a small change in the application. Making a quick (urgent) change, such as role rights or a report adjustment, is not easy any more.

Why are you making the Software Factory more and more complicated???




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Hi Harm,

We understand that the change to have deployments done by Indicium instead of the desktop client requires a few extra steps in your specific situation. For the vast majority of Thinkwise developers, however, the new way of deployment brings many advantages in areas such as CI/CD, security, and ease of use. 

That said, we are more than happy to look at options to streamline your specific situation as well. Do you have any ideas of how we can simplify the deployments in your case? Would it, for example, help if you were able to download scripts or ready-made deployment packages more easily?

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An extra option in SF that allows me to execute the IAM upgrade scripts from inside TSF GUI direct on the target database would be great. And the same for updating the end database.

I think in smaller projects, with only 1 or 2 developers involved and a on-premise setup at the clients network, the 'old’ system of syncing/updating was less complicated. 

This particular customer only uses the Windows client and there is no added value for end users of having Indicium in place at all. It is hard for the customer to understand that simply make a table field visible in a grid cost me at least 15 minutes.

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Hi Harm,

As you know, the Universal GUI will eventually replace the Windows GUI in the Thinkwise development environment as well. One of the reasons for having the code executed by Indicium, in addition to, for example the fact that this can now be done entirely with built-in features of the platform and no longer requires custom code in the GUI, is also that it is not possible to run SQL script from to a database from a Progressive Web App.

That said, it's quite easy to open the generated synchronization script from the Windows GUI in a database management tool and execute it on a database, if you make sure that the file storage location is also reachable from the client:

Does this help you?

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Hi Jasper,

Yes, this is almost a good workable solution.

I see 2 optimizations to make it better.

  1. The link to the generated file, should be a download link that downloads the file via Indicium, to enable downloads from any place. I don't see how to achieve by changing the file storage location. 
  2. I think there is a missing link between IAM Configurations and a Runtime Configurations. I would expect a lookup in the IAM Configuration to the Runtime configurations. This is needed to sync the right Extended Properties.

    When I make use of the 'Synchronize to storage’ task, I would expect a lookup to select a Runtime Configuration.

    Am I right? 




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Hi Harm,

Changing the file links to download links is a great idea; we've put it on our backlog.


Regarding your second remark:

Only the default runtime configuration is synced to the IAM. If you would like to be able to specify a different runtime configuration per IAM configuration, please create an idea for this.

The “Synchronize to storage” task always uses the file storage settings that are configured in the Intelligent Application Manager that holds the Software Factory (IAM > Applications “SQLSERVER_SF” > File storage locations “generated_scripts_location”)