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  • 7 February 2024
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At this moment we like to activate column grand totals en set field widths.

Can someone give a complete overview of which cube features are or are not already available in the Universal GUI? 

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Hi Harm,

It is always very confusing what we mean by column totals? The column (series) grand totals are supported right now, but that is the total to the far right of a single row. 

Not yet supported, but on the planning for the last sprint of Q1 / mid April release is the row (category) grand total. That is the total row below al the other rows.

Things that are not supported but will be before Q2

  • category(row) grand total
  • conditional layout
  • double click deeplink to table rows behind the pivot
  • expand / collapse nested series (columns)

Things that are not supported and not yet planned

  • Toggling of the category (row) subtotals 
  • Collapsing the parent row when expanding a category
  • Setting the column width
  • Editing in the pivot grid