Indicium SF smtp_connector error

  • 28 October 2022
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our Indicium which is running for supporting our SF if creating an error every 30 seconds:

[err] Process action "smtp_connector" in processflow "system_flow_send_generation_mail" in application 6 returned the following message: "The parameter 'SMTP server address' was not provided a (valid) value."

Our configuration settings in the SF are:


I also receive emails when a creation was started by someone for the configured projects.


I wonder what is going wrong over here 🤔



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Best answer by Mark Jongeling 28 October 2022, 08:34

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Do I understand correctly that you do receive e-mails but that you also receive errors?

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Hi Mark, yes that is correct. 🤔

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After inspecting the System flow, I see that this will always result in an error initially. Sadly we cannot resolve this with some code, but we can resolve it for the next version (2023.1). I'll write it down to resolve it. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Edit: The issue has been resolved 😄

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Hi Mark, good to see that you found the issue that fast and for adding the fix to the next version! 👍🏻