How do I control the width of task parameters?

  • 11 January 2024
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How do I control how wide the task fields are going to be?

The window seems to open a fixed size, partially depending on the “no. of columns in form” setting, but I’d like the window to be wider as certain fields require more room to show/enter the values. Having tried “Field width (px)” and “Label widh (px)” in various combinations and with even large numbers, they seem to have no effect.

Current version of GUI: 2023.

5 replies

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Hi Mark,

There is an Idea for this, I recommend to vote: Allow for setting the column width for task/report parameters | Thinkwise Community (

Hi Mark,

I find it strange that a seemingly basic functionality needs an idea to be voted for. As I understand the priority is getting Universal feature compatible with the current ones of Web en Windows (those have it). Looking at the idea linked, it is from November 14th 2022……

Working with 33 languages, we always struggle to get fields/labels big enough to be workable for all. Not having this option in Tasks/Reports feels as quite the handicap. I don’t think it realistic to tell customers now, to drag the downright corner everytime, to make the window bigger.

I have added my vote, but I really hope this will not take X months or more to become available.

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I understand the frustration. Universal calculated forms differently from the Windows GUI. Whilst the Windows GUI reads the Label and Field width as literal values, it is easy for the GUI to determine the optimal Formcolumn width; the width of the Formcolumn in which all fields in that column are placed.

The Universal GUI however works with percentages, so the GUI takes the values and shows the fields accroding to the percentage. 100% for instance is the maximum width of the formcolumn. The model currently misses a value to influence the width of the formcolumn resulting in this discrepency. I agree this would be a great addition, but it does require some configuration in the model, hence it's an idea. Looking at the amount of votes, it is certainly a welcomed addition to the platform. I'll discuss this with our Chief Architect and the teams this idea will impact.

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Hi Mark,

You can play around with the "No of columns in form” setting of the task in combination of logical grouping/pairing of the controls.

A separate group is created from the control with the "Field on next tab” setting is enabled.

The group of controls is spread over the available columns before a new line underneath is added. When multiple controls are placed side-by-side (not by setting the "No of positions further” on 0) the popup will grow.

By positioning a single control in a group, where other groups contain multiple, it will become as wide as the popup.

Hope this is helpful to improve your task appearance. 

Best regards, Erik

HI Erik,

Thanks for mentioning this little trick to have some control to make some fields wider. This might be an option for some task, but those partially limited by IAM visibility or show/hide by layout procedures, make this not viable for all.

Will use this for now, but really hope a better control over the task/report form will come soon.