Different translation for grid/form for Elements

  • 24 March 2021
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I've have some domains with elements, for example;

  • paypal
  • creditcard 
  • prepaid
  • afterpay

I would like to display to full word (creditcard) in the form (combo box), but a shortened translation in the grid (CC). 

Is this possible? 

I know we can set form/grid translations for column names and such, but Elements I can't find. 


In the extend of this, can I do this for table lookups? 

I have  reference from 'invoice’ to 'payment types’, and for Grid i show the column 'shortcode’, and in the form I show the column 'full name’. 

This way, I can achieve the same if I switch from Elements to a table. 







2 replies

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Hi Alex,

Sounds like a cool addition to the platform to have. Feel free to create an idea for this. Currently this is only achievable by workarounds.

You can create a copy of the Domain and translate it shortened. Then have an expression field that mirrors the value of the original field. That way it will always show the correct value. Then have the shortened version of the shortened in the Grid and the full-translated in the Form

Same for the Table lookup. You can create an expression field that mirrors the original field's value (normally an int). Then create a copy of the reference but have this reference show a different display column; a column that has a shortened version of the original.

Does that help for now?

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Thnx, too bad it is not supported right now. I don’t like work arounds ;) 

But we can try this, or for now we’ll take what we have.