Create view with parameters from a task

  • 11 January 2023
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I’ve created a task where a user can select and a shift_id. A process flow opens a view. 

In this view I want to show only records with selected date and shift_id. 

In the where-clause this doesn’t work for some reasons. Do I need to set [parameters]? 
I now open an empty view, and tinkering with the filter-settings.. but either it’s all or nothing so far. 

Any tips on the matter? 



Best answer by Tim de Lang 11 January 2023, 12:07

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Hi Blommetje,

You can do start empty with filter for that view.

And then you can save the input from the task in your process flow parameters.

Then do a change filter in the process flow with those parameters.

I've done something like this

Where the task parameter is an output parameter, like so


It sounds like this is kinda like what you were already doing. This is from a working example I have in a test project. Hope this helps,

Kind regards,

Tim de Lang

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You could also make a variant of the view for this filter so that the original page still works as is. 


There is also another solution in this topic: 


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Hi @Blommetje,

Did the answers above help you in your situation?

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Something was buggy in my version. Not sure. I think the setup was fine, after a generate and a new version it worked. 

I have the feeling that process flows are sometimes only partially ‘generated’ when I refresh the model on the win gui. Most of the changes are applied, but every now and then, after several changes back and forth.. not so much. Is this correct? 

Other than that, fixed.