How to become a superhero!

  • 25 February 2019
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How to become a superhero!
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When we were young we all wanted to be a superhero, now it's our chance to become one!

We believe that every member of the Thinkwise Community has the potential to become a superhero who saves the day. If you're a new member of the community, you're still a rookie, but that's no problem, right? It's your time to show the world your skills, and when you do, you choose the path of greatness and start your journey from apprentice to superhero.

Superheroes are not afraid to ask questions or enter into discussions and to become a sidekick of a superhero, you also need to develop this skill. Your proactive attitude is appreciated within the community, make sure you give this appreciation to others as well, but remember a vanguard is a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas, so make sure you do that, because that's your opportunity to become a warrior. A warrior never shy away from a challenge and beats every challenge our community faces. The more challenges the warrior overcomes, the more likely he will become a captain, leading the way for rookies, students, sidekicks, vanguards and warriors.

The more recognition the captain gets, the greater the chance that he will distinguish himself as a hero. A hero is a Thinkwise Platform Specialist who contributes by suggesting topics and ideas that are important for the development of the community. Ultimately, the hero becomes such a valuable member of the community that when he engages, he saves the day and becomes a superhero. A superhero is one of the most valuable members of Thinkwise. He will be recognized as a superhero and will get all the privileges a superhero deserves.

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