Data model - Tables - filter on Design

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  • 20 November 2020

In Data model one can make  a design and if you then go to tables one see all tables. You can use a filter but I would like an option to see in tables only the tables that are selected in Design.

I like the idea very much!

Excellent idea! I have always thought it counter intuitive that the tables-tab is not in the context of the diagram to the left of it.

As an aside: a top-level entry to tables would have my upvote as well, since reaching the tables-tab is in 93% of the cases the only reason for me to click ‘data model’ in the first place. What about you?

Updated idea status NewOpen

I support this idea. Here's an example of how it could be implemented.

Hi @Marc Meijerink, It may look easy but this causes implications as the list of Tables and the Diagram are bound to each other. Meaning if you select a visible table in the list of Tables, the diagram will select that Table in the Diagram. If the Table is no longer in that list, upon switching tabs away and then back to the diagram, the table is no longer visible in the Diagram. This can cause for unwanted results and questions so we won't implement that in this Modeler. 

For @Marcel van der Laan's idea, the Diagram and Tables are not references in the way that we can know from which Diagram you opened the Table detail. Changing this would be quite a challenge as there are quite some consequences making such a change. But unlike the idea above, it is possible to implement.