Data authorization prefilter Naming

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When configuring Prefilter rights for specifics roles, there is an option named Data authorization prefilter, which determines whether a prefilter is always active and locked. I myself and other developers I have worked with, find this name a little confusing. Therefor I’am looking for a better name for this option. 

This topic has been created to determine whether this name might have to be changed. If so, which name is the preferred name?

Great idea Arjan, personally I would like to see the name changed into 'On and locked’. I think developers (and others) would instantly recognize it from the Software Factory or else the name can explain what the prefilter will do for the role; Be On and be Locked.

I think “On and locked” is a decent alternative, it is probably the most recognizable option for people who know their way around the Software Factory, as Mark has already stated.


I think we can also consider options like “Always on” or “Mandatory”. Strictly speaking, these are slightly more accurate. The phrase “On and locked” is, in my opinion, a bit outdated in the sense that it implies that there are also “On and unlocked” prefilters. This is true of course when it comes to our GUIs, but with Indicium, our GUIs have become an optional part of our platform. Indicium has no notion of “on by default prefilters” or “turning a prefilter off”. All prefilters are off unless you turn them on and some prefilters are always on. So, when looking at it from this perspective, the question is not “can the user turn this prefilter off?”, but “should this prefilter always be applied?”.


I'm just sharing a different viewpoint though, I'm actually fine with “On and locked”.