Closing an environment - Stopping System flows - trigger by api call

I see that in release 2022.2 of Indicium(-universal) it is now possible to do a setting that prevents system flows from passing through this indicium. (A setting in appsettings.json { "Agent": { "Enable": false } }

It would be really nice if Indicum would detect online if I change this setting in the appsettings.json, because then I could use this to shut down an environment.
I suggest something like an API call to Indicium, which instructs it to read this value from the appsettings.json. And Indicium should then stop accepting new system flows. (already running system flows should be completed in the normal way)
Of course I have to wait after this is done until all running system flows have ended.

The way I currently close an environment and stop the system flows is to change the schedules in IAM and then wait for all running system flows to have an end time. And when I open the environment, I change all the schedules again.

But the downside of this is that I have to change records in IAM.

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