Auto refresh on revisiting a page in Universal GUI

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As a user I would like to navigate in my application and in case I revisit an already open page, then that page should display the latest data by auto-refreshing, and not wait until the auto-refresh interval elapses in case that is set.


e.g I have a page form where I modify information but the effect of those modifications extends to the display of the same information into several other pages. Upon revisiting a page which I had open  previously I would like it to see the latest information that was entered, meaning the page to auto-refresh when revisited.

I open page A that displays fields name ‘Dino’ and surname ‘Saur’

I open page B that displays fields name ‘Dino’ and surname ‘Saur’ , address, etc 

I modify in page B the field surname to ‘Lizard’

I revisit Page A which I previously opened and still has surname as ‘Saur’ and not ‘Lizard’.

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This was solved on Universal GUI 2021.2.12. Please make sure you update the related Ideas to a “Solved” status each time, so people who request the ideas get an automatic email regarding their Idea’s status.

@Spyros.Neofytou How is this idea solved/implemented from your perspective?

Seeing the Release notes, the Universal GUI started supporting Auto-refresh and Support for refresh subject; that does not fullycover this idea. The idea is currently still on the backlog.

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The upcoming Universal GUI release (2023.1.15) offers support for these extended properties:

  • RefreshOnTabSwitch: refresh already visited detail tabs on reactivation;
  • RefreshOnDocumentSwitch(new): refresh already open document on re-entrance;

We suggest to use these settings wisely. Because you enable them for the entire application at once, this will generate more load on your servers in the back in a multi user environment. For a specific case, you may consider using a processflow or auto-refresh with change detection.

We will keep this idea open until the Software Factory offers support for enabling these settings on a specific subject or reference.

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