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  • 8 September 2020
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Hi All, 

I print a report, and that is all ok. However, I want to print a report with some language settings. So, I want my report to do the following: 

  1. I give the parameter account_id to the Report
  2. Based on account_id I want SF to check in a table Account for the Language_id 
  3. Set this language_id in the Field 'Language’ in the print prompt. 

I've been trying for quite while, but somehow.. the lookup fails. 

Is there someone out there to shine some light in this dark world? 



4 replies

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Oh, i got this far. 

it does find the Language_id - and based on the ID the Code. BUT it does NOT as default in the field. I still need to select it. 

Driving me nuts! 


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Hi Blommetje,

Are you using default logic to retrieve the language ID? If so, can you share the SQL code?

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eh no? I do this: 
Procecces → Reports → Report Lookups. 

Add with the big black + on the left. Enter both var (account_id and language_id) 
This way it does show the users language_id, but not as 'default’. I still not to use the dropdown to select it. 

However, my co-worker told me something about default logic. I'll look into it. 

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You can find more info on default logic in the Thinkwise Software Factory Essentials e-learing here.