Advices are dead, long live recommendations!

  • 18 January 2019
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Advices are dead, long live recommendations!
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Every morning when you get up, you make your bed. When you grab your toothbrush, you put toothpaste on it. When you’ve washed your face, you wipe it dry. After you’ve had breakfast, you tidy up the table. Life would be so much easier if these morning rituals could be done automatically. Well, we can’t help you with that, but what we can do is make your job life easier with user preferences. In fact, we can make it very easy by setting these preferences automatically for you, when you generate and apply recommendations.

User preferences allow actions to be done automatically, such as opening a screen when you start an application, filtering for specific data by creating prefilters, and more. For many of those preferences it is possible to generate recommendations in Intelligent Application Manager (IAM) based on your work behavior.


Recommendations are simply user preference suggestions in IAM based on the user logs. Users can generate new recommendations and apply them with the recommendation tasks in the ribbon.

Recommendation tasks in the ribbon

There are ten different recommendation types and for each type only one recommendation will be generated at a time.

Recommendation types

The following ten recommendation types are implemented in IAM:

Recommendation types

Each recommendation type has its own description and icon. The icons and more detailed descriptions are shown in the recommendations pop-up.

Recommendation pop-up

What’s new

As you might’ve figured out, the recommendations feature, previously known as advices, isn’t new. However, in the 2017.1 release we’ve made big changes to this feature.

Calculating recommendations

We’ve made several improvements to the way that recommendations are calculated.

One recommendation per type

In this release, only one recommendation is generated per recommendation type. In the previous releases the amount was unlimited and every recommendation was shown in the pop-up, which could confuse users.

Simplified calculations

Because the amount of recommendations per type were unlimited in G9.8, it was important to set requirements for the recommendations to keep the result set small and logical. These requirements needed complex calculations, including the parameters: threshold, amount (number of logs) and timespan. With the new structure, where only one recommendation is shown per recommendation type, these parameters are unnecessary.

Performance boost

By simplifying the calculations, generating recommendations received a performance boost. In some cases, the generation process went from minutes to seconds.

User interface

Next to the underlying mechanisms, we’ve also changed the user interface for recommendations.

Recommendations for multiple applications

The recommendations were generated for the currently active application only. They will now be generated for all loaded applications.

Default interval type

The possibility for users to select an interval type to generate recommendations has been removed. The default interval is one week. IAM administrators can change this by editing the interval type in the global settings in IAM.

Interval type in the global settings

Extended pop-up

As for the pop-up, more information is shown. Recommendation type icons have been added, the descriptions have been renewed and the task/report indicator has been changed into an icon.

Applying recommendations generates new ones

When the user chooses to apply or ignore a recommendation, a new recommendation of the same type will be generated automatically after the apply button is pressed.

Recommendation tasks in IAM

The tasks to generate and apply recommendations moved from the recommendations page to the users page. Therefore, it is no longer required to choose a user. Since the recommendations are now generated for multiple applications, the application selection has also been removed.

Recommendation tasks in IAM


We hope that we started to make your job life easier and we will continue to take the intelligence in IAM to the next level.

We recommend that you try it out!

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