Which Stored Procedure can return me the Application alias ?

  • 22 April 2021
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I would like to know if there is an existing Stored Procedure in IAM that can return me the Application alias that I am currently logged in?



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I'm not sure for what purpose you want to use this information, but I'm also curious. For the Universal GUI we use a custom screen that has to do some http calls to Indicium. This http call need to point to the proper url containing the application ID or alias (e.g. indicium.tld/iam/customer-123/table). We currently set the application alias matching the database name, this value we pass to the url (db_name()). But having the application id available in the end product would be even better.

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Hi Rene,

We are using the same DB for our various published Applications, and there are Tasks that are used in all published apps ( for Reuse).

Our Email functionality uses an email_queue and an email_template table. The templates are defined according to Type and the publishing application. By having a function that returns the application alias I can replace as an expression parameter of the TASK that is the calling app and select the correct template id. 

This is to have available a more dynamic task, and simply when a new app is published to add the template to the table. This solves my issue in copying the task multiple times and hardcoding the template id per published app. We want to avoid hardcoding IDs and values in general.

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Currently we don't have a standard way of retrieving the Application alias. What we could do is making this available through the SESSION_CONTEXT, like we do with the application language since the 2021.1.18 release of Indicium. Feel free to create an idea for this.

What you can do now is having a system_setting table that contains the Application alias. With that you can extract it and use it in the Process Flows. Would that suffice for now?

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Hi Mark,

Yes that would be a solution to have it in the SESSION_CONTEXT.

I will raise an idea and post it also here in the comments.


I will check on the system_setting table idea and revert.



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Idea :