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I am doing a process flow in order to set up OneDrive API file upload.

The thing is that I used Web Connection in the call to receive the token and also in other calls where I tried doing the upload by pieces with a session.

In the end, the option was to do it in ”one go”, without splitting up the file in order to upload it.

The problem is basically that when I am doing the call to upload the file with Web Connection, the call is done but the resulted file is corrupted.

When I am doing the same call with Http Connector the resulted file is without any problem. 

Is something that I am missing or the file that I am passing through parameter is getting modified and that results the corruption of the file?

The setup done in Http Connector:

The Setup from Web Connection:

Those are the endpoint parameters, there by the way, I tried for bodyContent different pre-processing (Auto, None, Base64) none of them changed the result.

And the input for the Web Connection parameters:

As a mention, storage is varbinary_max, anyway, as I said, is very strange that with Http Connector works perfect and with Web Connector not.

If you have ideas what is the reason for that or what I am skipping please leave a comment, thanks!

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As said here, probable cause is not using the latest version of Indicium: Bug in new Web Connection (duplicated Base url) | Thinkwise Community ( Let us know the newest version resolves it 😄

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The issue mentioned above about duplicated base url was indeed resolved with the update, but for this specific thing, the resulted file is still corrupted. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!