Using a different 'merge' program when solving template conflicts

  • 14 February 2019
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When a template code conflict occurs during a merge session it will be possible the merge the code via an external 'merge' program. TSF requests the existence of a 'merge' program like WinMerge or Kdiff3. I'm not really a fan of either.

We always use UltraCompare as a 'merge' program. Is it possible to use UltraCompare as the default 'merge' program? And how do I set this up?

I found a page on which may be of use:

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2 replies

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WinMerge and K3diff3 are the only supported code diff and merge programs at the moment. It is currently not possible to configure the Software Factory to use a different program.

I took a quick peek to see if it was possible to test an implementation quickly but a license is required to attempt 3-way merges with UltraCompare.

Having the diff and merge tool configurable would be the easiest way to go. Feel free to create a topic in the ideas section to make it possible to configure a custom diff and merge tool.
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Hello Anne,

thank you for your response! We actually have a license for UltraCompare, so it's the default diff/merge tool we use.

I'll create a topic in the ideas section. 😉