Universal GUI / IAM and 2 applications of the same project and version

  • 9 November 2022
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Hi all,


i've got some strange behavior with the current setup:

1 universal gui connected to 1 indicium api, connected to 1 IAM database. using the following (example) urls:


In the IAM database there are 2 configured applications, which are created from the same project and project version. See below, and note the different server and databases:



When we login into the UI, select app_1, and open a menu item, resulting in the load of data in a datagrid, (loading data from a table in database A)

and now, select app_2, open the same menu item. I would expect that the data would be loaded from database B, except this is not the case. We still load the data from database A.

If i connect a windows GUI to this iam, it is perfectly fine to have this configuration. And am able to load the data from both database into separate tabs.


Can someone confirm that this is indeed intended behavior of the universal UI, as this would mean i have to create multiple installation instances when we have multiple customers running the same project and versions.



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2 replies

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Hi Edwin,

Are you using the latest version of Indicium? There was an issue in one of the releases where in some occasions it would not apply the settings correctly.

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Yes that was it. I’ve upgraded indicium from version 2022.2.13.0 to 2022.15.1 and the problem is solved.