Universal 2022.2.4 not displaying data properly

  • 21 November 2022
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Hi all,

we are having the following issues in Universal:

  • where the data is not displaying properly.
  • and Universal is changing the data. 

See attachments

Anyone know what causes these issues? 
Datatype is bigint


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Hi @Zachery,

Can you confirm you are using the 2022.2.14 version of the Universal GUI as there is no 2022.2.4 version? Also the attachment image is not properly visible to me and most likely others too. Could you place the image inline inside your next reply? Thanks!

Have you tried the latest version of the Universal GUI? More on it here:

Is [tag_option] a view or a table? In case it is a View, it should have a functioning Instead-of-trigger to process the entered data.


Hi @Mark Jongeling,

Yes, we are using the 2022.2.14. Sorry for the typo. [tag_option] is a table. Have you looked at the screen recording in the zip file? 

Here’s the image. 


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Hi Zachery,

I asked a Universal GUI developer about this, and this sadly is a limitation of JavaScript and also browsers. JavaScript supports 16 digits as number whilst SQL Server can support up to 19 digits. This causes the last 3 digits to not show properly.

In the far distant future (soon™), this may be fixed but this is certainly not easy to be implemented.

Only workaround is to not show more than 16 digits, or to make it a text field and double check its input/value to be numeric. In our upcoming 2023.1 release, you'll be able to create an Input constraint on it that can check the value automatically.

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Feel free to report a TCP ticket for this. In the meantime I would suggest you to convert the number to a varchar.