Unable to send File Location & File data to SMTP Connector from Process Action write_file & attachment_to_disk

  • 3 November 2022
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Hi Team,

I have a process flow which send email with attachment(multiple attachment are separated by semicolon)& file_location when ever any email_status is open.

When I run that task to send email - The process Flow 1st run the process action - excute_tab_task then move to  → decision → decision_attachment_to_disk → write_file,

After the write_file Process Action ,an infinite loop will run which always then goto process action (decision_attachment_to_disk → write_file)  from where the process flow Nevers Go to the Process Action SMTP_Connector.

Here I attached both Process Flow Design & Process Monitor window

Can anyone suggest me ,how to move SMTP_Connector Process action 

Also attached the functionality which written under process template attachment_to_disk.

I have attached input parameters for wite_file Process action


If this information is not sufficient, Please free to reach me i am waiting for your Reply




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I haven't received a reaction, thus leaving me uncertain if you have found a suitable resolution.

A Write file process action writes a file to a given location, this may be for example "\\server\folder\file.txt”. Once this file has successfully been written to the location, you can name this location inside the SMTP connector parameter Disk file attachments. Yu can list multiple files by naming the locations separated by semicolons. More info here:

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Hi @sujit, Has the issue been resolved or can we help you out with the issue?

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2 of your attachments don't seem to work, could you post them again to clarify the problem you are experiencing?



Hi Team

can anyone suggest me as earlier as possible on priority Basis.