Unable to send File Location & File data to SMTP Connector from Process Action write_file & attachment_to_disk

  • 3 November 2022
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Hi Team,

I have a process flow which send email with attachment(multiple attachment are separated by semicolon)& file_location when ever any email_status is open.

When I run that task to send email - The process Flow 1st run the process action - excute_tab_task then move to  → decision → decision_attachment_to_disk → write_file,

After the write_file Process Action ,an infinite loop will run which always then goto process action (decision_attachment_to_disk → write_file)  from where the process flow Nevers Go to the Process Action SMTP_Connector.

Here I attached both Process Flow Design & Process Monitor window

Can anyone suggest me ,how to move SMTP_Connector Process action 

Also attached the functionality which written under process template attachment_to_disk.

I have attached input parameters for wite_file Process action


If this information is not sufficient, Please free to reach me i am waiting for your Reply



3 replies

Hi Team

can anyone suggest me as earlier as possible on priority Basis.



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2 of your attachments don't seem to work, could you post them again to clarify the problem you are experiencing?



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Hi @sujit, Has the issue been resolved or can we help you out with the issue?