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  • 14 July 2021
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I'm trying to add a kind of information to a task using a label as control. It has to help the user a bit more about the type of file he's allowed to upload.

The example above is written in html and there you can use a colspan for the hyperlink part.

Is it possible to create a task layout that is close to the example above? The closest I can get is increasing the task parameter label width, but unfortunately cuts off the text (...)  and makes the task to wide.

Is there maybe another trick to add a piece of text with a hyperlink in it?

1 reply

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Hi René,

Other than using a shorter text or making it two lines/labels, I don’t think there's a good looking solution.

My colleague created an Idea for introducing a Text field where text can be presented to the user in the for informational purposes. Maybe the idea could also be implemented in Task popups and that would make it suitable for this. This is the idea:

Text field | Thinkwise Community (