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A question I am getting more often of my clients is whether the Software Factory support an information text field. This is a field that contains an informative message for the users.

Currently the Software Factory only supports these message in tooltips and Helptexts. But often you would like to set up a text to inform users. This text should be displayed on a specific position on the form. It is kind of like a regular. However this field does not have to be stored in the database. And it should only display a text (HTML text).

So it is kind of a HTML field. Currently you can set up an expression field and insert a hardcoded HTML code in this field. But often you would like this field to show a text based on the language of the specific user.

Therefor it would a great feature if the Software Factory offers a field that will display a label and the content of the field, which is an HTML text that can be configured in the translations part of the Software Factory. This will allow you to configure a specific text in the correct language.

Hi Arjan,

I have a bit difficulty visualizing your idea, perhaps you can make a mockup of an example? The Help function inside the GUI should be enough or am I mistaken?


Maybe this will help you get a better perception of the idea.


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