Screentype when not started from a menu item

  • 14 September 2023
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We have made a screentype, similar to master-detail, that is normally used from a menu item and consists of a grid for the master and a tabs for the details including searching and filtering. When we use this subject in a lookup, it will use the screentype defined as the popup screentype when using the magnifier glass. This popup is however a bit limited because it has a fixed size (which can be changed with extended properties, but only for all popups) and it still includes searching and filtering. When we open a document in a process, so not from the menu, it will also open the document using the main screentype, including the grid. Within the process however we already know the specific instance which makes the grid not relevant and we would rather use another screentype which directly shows the details of the master with related child tabs (like in the popup, but then as a regular tab).

So the questions is if another screentype can be used from within a process or maybe some other way to achieve the same goal?

A related question is, when using a screentype that only shows information from a specific instance, is it possible to hide the search and filter options, but keeps show the update buttons and related task buttons?

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Not quite sure I understand the question correctly, but could you not use a variant and assign the screen type to the variant?