SAS token does not get accepted in IAM

  • 24 January 2023
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  •  Azure files as a storage type now requires a username/SAS (Shared Access Signature) token combination instead of a username/password combination. The SAS token is required for all new Azure file storage configurations. Existing configurations have not been altered. However, if you clear the username/password for an existing configuration, the password field will be hidden, and the SAS token will become mandatory.


I've tried configuring this, however it constantly fails since the SAS-token instantly gets removed when I add it to the SF application in IAM.




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2 replies

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I've updated to the latest version of Universal / Indicium and now I cannot add the token at all, there seems to be missing a field?:


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Hello Kasper,


Since you have also reported a ticket for this issue we will communicate the details through that ticket.

For other people that are interested: This issue will be fixed for the 2023.1 version and onward.


Kind regards,

Renée Evertzen