Run localhost Universal GUI via SF - 'unknown error'

  • 21 December 2021
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I have set up an Indicium and a Universal GUI. I want this to start directly against SF. I can login and run the model, but on all screens, in all projects I get no data and it says 'Unknown Error’. 

Why? And where can I debug this? 

I can't remember it well, but I have a feeling it did work last week for a day. I can't make sense from the indicium log… Are there any other logs to check on this? 



6 replies

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Does the indicium pool user have sufficient rights on the end product database? Please check the indicium log when opening the universal gui. 

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Right should be there; Only sensible error is see is;

(0x80131904): Invalid object name 'gui_appl'.
I redid all the steps in the docs, and when i point the Indicium towards the IAM Db, i can log in properly in the Universal gui and see my SF_iam db, all good. 
However, I want to start against SF and see my running projects. So when I point towards the SF db, i get errors. 

Any pointers in this?

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Are you sure the link you are using to connect to the SF is correct? Can you post the link here and is the IAM a seperate IAM or the same IAM as the SF? 

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I assume the link is ok, I checked it, and my project + branch is displayed. If i switch to a different branch or project, same issue. 

It is the same IAM as the the Sf uses, there is only the SF project. 

Do I need to set up a seperate specific IAM for a project? 

Even though the model is loaded, I can't see data. 

I deleted my log, restarted the pool and logged in again. I see this error; 
error removed - I noticed what it was. (but still no Data in the Application).

(and after that a lot more, but nothing that seems related.. more like unscheduled proces flow) 

When I use the devtools on chrome with Redux, I see data being passed, like domains, and lookups, but the last step is; "[Document] reset current document.” En alles is in strikethrough-text. 

Any thoughts?



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I've moved some things around, and tried with a seperate iam. A lot of things seem a bit more stable and better. However, I've read in the docs that Universal is picky about the Validations of the project. Which are not good, since i'm just testing. 

So, Indicium now throws this error;

TSFMessagesMiddleware: An unhandled exception occurred while processing the request. (fffadd8a)
Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'ORDER'.
Invalid usage of the option NEXT in the FETCH statement.

There were no other errors. So my guess is, the gui is being difficult with these Validations. I'll try and get some in order, see if it makes any difference. 

If this is a dead end, please let know. 




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Ja, dat was het dus. Windows en Web deed het prima, maar Universal niet. 

Paar validaties weggewerkt en nu werkt het allemaal goed. 

Kortom, issue opgelost. 

---Moderator edit

Yes that was it. Windows and Web GUI worked just fine but it didn’t work in the Universal GUI.

Solved a few Validations and now everything works just fine.

In short, issue resolved