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  • 26 March 2021
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What are the rules to get conditional formatting working in the Web GUI?

In one of our projects is conditional formatting working in the same way as with the Windows GUI, but in a few other projects there is no formatting in Web (but it works in Windows).

It happens in both our production and test environment.

Production environment: TSF 2020.1 - Web GUI 2020.2.20
Test environment: TSF 2021.1 - Web GUI 2021.1.16

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5 replies

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Conditional layouts should both work in the Windows GUI and Web GUI. Where do you notice a difference? Could you supply some screenshots of it?

I do recommend using the latest (Web) GUI and see if that fixes it. 

In the latest release of the Web GUI, 2021.1.16, there has been the following bug fix: 

(Web GUI) We've fixed a problem with conditional formatting in background detail tabs in Web GUI forms. Now the conditional formatting is displayed as it should, refreshing manually is no longer necessary.



Hi Mark,

Here are some screenshots:
The first two are a project where the formatting works in both Windows and Web, as expected. As you can see, the conditional layout is applied to one column.

Windows: conditional layout is working
Web: conditional layout is working

The following two screenshots shows a table were conditional layout is also applied to one column. But it isn't working in Web.

Windows: conditional formatting is working
Web: conditional layout is not working

I have also tried to change the conditional layout to an other font / color, or to apply it to the whole row, but with no luck.
The problem occurs in multiple projects and tables, so for me it is difficult to find the cause.


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Hi Patrick,

That is indeed strange. This should be looked into by our Web GUI team. I have made a ticket in TCP in your name for this problem. You can find it with TCP ticket number 81710. You will be notified when the status changes. 


Hi Mark,

Nothing heard yet, can you give me an update about this issue?


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The issue has been sent back to our Service and Care department as there were no reproduction steps available. I suspect our S&C team missed this issue.

Could you add the reproduction steps to the issue? If not available, one of our S&C team members will have to look with you. I will notify the team about this issue.