Progress bar for task in Universal GUI

  • 17 March 2023
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I have a long running task and want to inform the user about the progress using a process bar like I used to to in the Windows GUI, in the Stored Procedure the tsf_send_progress SP is used for this:

exec tsf_send_progress 'parameter_is_message', '<text>Tekstuele terugmelding uit taak</text>', 25;

In the Windows GUI I see what I expected:

In the Universal GUI I get a spinning circle, but I don't see the message and the progress%:

When the task is finished I get popups for every message sent from the task:

Isn't it possible to use progress bars for tasks like in the Windows GUI?


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This feature is not yet implemented. If you feel this should get a higher priority then feel free to create an idea for this in the ideas section to give it a higher priority on the backlog.