Process flow open document filter performance

  • 29 July 2022
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I have an issue with the performance of one of my screens which is opened with a process flow.
The main problem is that I want a filter to apply to the open document action before it retrieves all rows.
This images might clarify my problem


I was wondering if somebody had a solution/workaround which allows me to apply filters to open document actions like this?

I think a possible solution in my case is to make a reference to the document I'm trying to open and just present it to the user as a detail screen then the reference columns become my filter in the WHERE condition. But I would rather just open it as a new document.


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3 replies

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Hey Anne,

There's an Idea for this 😁: 

Alternatively, the document should already be filtered beforehand, either with a prefilter that's On or the document being a view only showing records that would fall inside the filtering.

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Thanks I upvoted the idea
I will try to tinker with the view/document side a little.
I was hoping there was a clever little trick I missed😉

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A clever trick has been found.

  1. Make a prefilter thats always false. Set it on in main state
  2. Add a switch off prefilter process action to the flow 


  3. Voila

Thanks to @Kevin Rosink