Print existing documents from within a task (using the reporting service)

  • 19 July 2022
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Good day,

We have a task on a parent entity that make use of the reporting service to send multiple (child entity) DevExpress reports (same file spec) to a printer to print in a very specific order.

insert into rpt_queue()...

We need to print other kind of documents as well for those child entities. These documents are stored in a file system.

We want to print these documents in the same order as the reports mentioned above but from a different printer tray, meaning we want to print the first report (from tray 1), then we want to print the related documents (from tray 2). Then the process continue with the second entity's report (tray 1) and then its documents (tray 2), and so on.

Basically all we need is to also send those existing documents to the reporting service, except the reporting service doesn't support that kind of files, right?

Is there any other way to accomplish this other than to try and create a process flow in 2022.2 (we haven't updated to this version yet) and use the print action? And can we then specify a specific tray in the print action? Because I can’t seem to find something like that in the docs.


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As far as I know, The Printer specification in the Software Factory is only the printer name itself to call it. Any specified settings inside the printer itself will be used, also the tray will be part of that.

With the new Print file process action you can Print a given PDF file using a specified Printer. You can only input the No. of copied the printer will print of the given PDF file. The file can be given as binary data so that would work very smoothly if your files are stored in the database as binary data. 

To change tray's on the spot can only be achieved by using multiple Print file process action; each with their own specified printer that have different trays set-up in its printer settings. Does this help out?

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