Prevent users from editing the same record simultaneously.

  • 21 November 2022
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Hi, I am looking for a solution to a challenge we seem to have with the possibility of two users editing the same record simultaneously. Now, any changes made by the first user to save his or her changes will be overwritten by the changes of the second user.

Is there any known way to prevent this from happening? (Preferably using some form of user feedback, “User X is editing this record, it is not possible to update it at this time”) I'm not familiar with whether/what kind of session information is available in Thinkwise. 

Thanks in advance. 


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My colleague Frank has created a Thinkstore solution for this, it's called Optimistic locking. This will certainly help a bit. 

For being notified upon editing a record that someone is editing it, you could write something inside a Default procedure that could check every (editable) column in a record and compare it to the database record. Then it could notify the user that the record has been edited by another user. 

We currently don’t have anything natively built-in that could notify a user that a record is in midst of being altered.

That definitely helps, for now this solution is sufficient. Thank you!