Passing parameters to DevExpress with Reportingservice

  • 22 April 2021
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I am trying to pass a variable to a DevExpress report using the Reportingservice. When I call the report directly, passing the parameter directly as a Report parameter, it works fine. When I am trtying to pass it with help of the rapport_params it fails somehow.  In the rapport_params I inserted the following values:

id    149530
report_id    115036
parmtr_id    order_nr
parmtr_value    1035939

Inside the DevExpress report I have defined the variable:



When I use a value in the preview it also works fine, so I guess the problem is in passing the value from the Reportingservice to the report? Does anyone have any experience with this?


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Hi Hugo, 

Personally I have never worked with the Reporting Service so my suggestions are based of the docs and expectations.

I think if the rpt_get_parmtrs function returns all the needed parameters, I will do the trick. Which input parameters does your Report work with? If that is ID, the Report_id and the Order_no for example, I think you would have to return both in the rpt_get_parmtrs function.

parmtr_id parmtr_value
ID 149530
report_id 115036
order_no 1035939


I hope that would do the trick. Since the introduction of System Flows it is now possible to send Reports by a System Flow (A Process flow executed by the System without user interaction). You can take a look at my example.