MaxRequestBodySize conflicts warning although the file upload to azure

When trying to upload a pdf file to azure blob using write_file_connector, we get the following warning:


The file did get upload to the azure blob. We checked the file storage location in the SF and the max size in MB is empty. It seems to be a problem in the process action. What could be the reason for it?


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Hello Sanket,

From the looks of the error message to me it seems like this error refers to a limitation that is present in your installed version of IIS. If you read the text in the Message it explain exactly what you should do.

So from what I can see it doesn't have much to do with the write file connector, but rather with the IIS settings.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Sanket Kolhe,

Can you please let us know if Renée her reaction helped you out?

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The issue was caused because the file had already been uploaded using the file upload feature, and then the link to the file was used in the process flow instead of the varbinary data.

Therefore, even though the error message indicated a MaxRequestBodySize conflict, the content of the file data was incorrect.

In any case, the problem has been resolved.