Is it possible to exclude columns when exporting data?

  • 28 May 2020
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Is it possible to exclude columns when exporting data? I already marked these columns as Hidden but you can still select them if you want. 

Example for excluding Hidden fields


The order seems to be taken from the order in Subjects > Components > Grid.

I know that you can modify the column sequence before executing the export when you choose for the option "Advanced option” and drag and drop the chosen field. But I want a default ordering of columns for export deviating from the order in the grid.

How to modify the "Standard order”



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5 replies

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Hi Dennis, 

If you set these columns hidden at column level instead of the grid or form, then they won’t be available for export. 

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Hi Jasper,

The Software Factory (2019.2) doesn't seems to behave that way. Even if I make the column type "Hidden" on META-level it remains selectable with the advanced export functionality. 

Maby it's because these colums are a Primary key :thinking: ?


Hidden on META level


Hidden on Subjects > Columns level


Number* and Invoice* still available for export

Besides that I'm still wondering or you can set a default ordering of columns for export. 

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You’re right, primary key columns are always available for export because you need those columns when importing data or updating data using an import file.

Unfortunately, there is no way to set the order of columns for export, apart from using the Grid ordering.

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Okay clear, in that case I'll make a variant specifically for exporting the columns in the ordering we want, disable all the other options and only allow the export functionality.

Is it worth putting it up as an idea on the platform?

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Sure, feel free to submit an idea!