Image doesn't update after refresh, only when switching between documents

  • 7 March 2023
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I have a list with a status and status icon. When I have a task that updates the status, de icon changes also. However the text updates, but the icon doesn't update, only when I navigate away from that screen-element, go to another document for example and return to the initial list the icon has visually changed.. 

Would this be some kind of caching issue?

1 reply

Hi Freddy,


In order to process this question we want to ask for a little bit more information to see if we can help you further along.

Is it possible for you to add a screenshot (Or more) and/or video (GIF) of the issue so we can see it appear on screen.


Following this, we have a number of questions about which we would like to receive more information:
Does it concern a domain with elements? 
Which refresh option is the Task using?


Is it also possible for you to check through the Dev tools whether a message comes up here? We are curious if it gives a result.


More information about the dev tools can be found on our documentation.
DevTools for troubleshooting.