How to upload files with the HTTP-connector

  • 25 August 2021
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In our application I want to use third party ValidSign for digital signing documents (PDF). I am using a task and the HTTP connector (via Process Flows). I was able to test the POST in Postman using this body:

payload contains json-commands with signer information, file contains the PDF I want to be signed.
The response I get contains an ID for further communication with the REST API.
Where do I leave this parameters in the HTTP-connector ?


Best answer by Peter de Wit 27 January 2022, 13:37

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3 replies

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Hi Peter,

ValidSign does not show an overview of the different API options on their website so I can’t see in what format they would like to receive the file. With the HTTP connector, you can only send data(in text) so what you can do is upload the file to your database and send the varbinary string to the API of ValidSign.

The Payload and the File datastring will somehow have to be combined into the Content parameter, then send towards the API. I suppose the response content you get from ValidSign will also be in that format. That way you can write that file back into your database with their signature.

I hope others here on the Community can help a bit more if they have experience with these kinds of services/

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Hi Peter, did you manage to successfully send a file with the HTTP connector to ValidSign?

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Hi Mark, my college managed to upload the file and took over the assigment. He is on his way to complete the rest of the application so this post ends here :)