Have the User create color conditional format

  • 24 October 2022
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In the web gui i can set a domain with a color picker. I would love to have an option to use for conditional formatting. Example. 
The user creates an office 'Office A’ and selects 'Red’. And 'Office B’ and 'Blue’. In the list with Tasks/Invoice/whatever, the end user will see the rows for Office A marked as Red. 

Is there any way to facilitate this? 




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This is one way to achieve that:

  1. Create a domain with elements for all the colors that you want the user to choose from (Red, Blue, Green, etc.)
  2. Let the user select one of these colors when creating an Office
  3. Add an expression field to every entity that you want to apply the conditional layout to (Task, Invoice, etc.) that selects the color from the Office
  4. Create separate conditional layouts for each color on every entity, based on the expression field 


Steps 3 and 4 can be automated using Dynamic Modeling, e.g. based on tags.

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I’ll tinker with this. Sounds like a possible solution!