GridEditUpdateUsingRefreshOption not working as expected

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Since version 2023.1.16, users experience different behavior in grids when editing records.

The new behavior is desirable for some screens but not for all screens.

By adding the new extended property "GridEditUpdateUsingRefreshOption" and setting it to "Yes", the system seems to work as before, except that the users can now unwantedly getting the message "The saved data can not be displayed on the screen" when updating a row and an extra mouse click is required to make this message disappear.



Some users complain a lot about this, because they have to click away the message many times a day.

I have not been able to get it to work the way I want with the Refresh options on the table. 

Has anyone else run into this problem yet?


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Another problem I am facing now is that setting the option “GridEditUpdateUsingRefreshOption” to “Yes“ does not have any effect when running the application via IAM.

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Hello Harm,

With the GridEditUpdateUsingRefreshOption on 'yes’ the functionality is the same as it was in the past year. You are certain that in the .15 gui version these messages do not appear?
In that case maybe we should continue this conversation in a tcp ticket.

As for your comment, have you set the setting as a global setting? 

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Hi Edo,

I have set this in the Extended properties of the application, And now also in the Global Settings. And still no difference after restarting the GUI:



How can we know what is the right place? 

When running the application via SF, it works when added as Extended Property.

And I have double checked, the message appears in the 2023.1.15 version, but strange enough not always.

What should be the right Refresh setting if we make use of this? I thought "Document” or "Subject”, correct?