Filters for HTML/Multiline fields

  • 23 January 2024
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The documentation says that filters are nog supported for HTML/Multiline fields. (See

What is the reason for this? What other options do we have?

Is this on the roadmap?

I assume adding a hidden single line expression field that contains a copy of the HTML data is not the right way?




Best answer by Harm Horstman 7 February 2024, 16:12

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3 replies

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Harm, this will be possible in some way. For html it is also kinda tricky. We feel we should maybe only support the ‘contains’ filter option. Because all the other ones are fairly impossible. What should ‘starts with’ do? Extract the text from between the html tags? Or should the user go ‘start with’ <html?

Would you need any other filter option than ‘contains’ on a HTML or multine field??


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I understand this. 

A ‘contains’ filter would help a lot for now. 

Another option is to add a hidden field that contains the plain text copy of the data in the HTML field.

For the user I like to show the HTML field in de form/card list/grid etc.. And show the plain text field in the Filter form. 

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@Harm Horstman That sound like a fine solution. You can do that without any change in the platform and it might actually be less confusing for a user to have a somewhat normal text control.