Executing a task through a HTTP POST (Indicium)

  • 3 November 2021
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I’m trying to execute a task through an HTTP POST request

I’m getting a HTTP 200 response, but it looks that the task has not been executed actually.

What I'm I doing wrong?




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10 replies

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What does the task do and how did you conclude it did not work? 

This task is a trigger within a process flow that performs an HTTP GET and stores the results in the database of the application. The call is also registered in this application. This way I can find out that the call didn't take place.



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Does the first decision node log anything? If not could you add some kind of logging to this decision node to check if this is executed. And Can you execute this flow from the GUI without problems? 
Can you also check the indicum log for any additional information? 

There are two ways in which we can execute this task. First, through a ‘table task’ and second through a scheduled task (which runs at 01.00 am). In both situations this will be logged in a custom made component. See screenshot: 

By means of this screen I can conclude that the call (mentioned above) doesn't work.

There is nothing logged in the Indicium logfile about this issue


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Can you add some logging to the first decision node? Just to check if the flow get’s to that point? My first instinct would be that for some reason the red arrow is executed and the fow does not even reach the point of the http connector. Since the decision node is the first node in the green route it would be great to have some logging there. 

How can I add ‘logging’ to the first node (of type ‘descision’)? And to what source will it be logged?

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Looking again at your request I think you have to make some adjustments. First you need to call the process flow and not the task from postman. Second the task will not work in a system flow. Is this a placeholder task? Then just remove it from the flow. If the task actually does something then replace it with a decision node (2021.2 and lower) or a system task (2021.3). 

Ok, I will take a look at it. Thanks

I worked. The problem probably was that the given task was 'TABLE task’ which normally is executed through the GUI. Thanks!