Error message popup too small in DevExpress

  • 13 November 2023
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The error pop up in devexpress is too small. When you get an error, for example when your query is invalid while managing queries, a pop up will appear with the error message. The text will, in this case, first show the query and always put the actual error information at the end of the text, however the query text is often too long to fit on the screen.

The first image shows an example where the error information is only just visible and the second image shows an example of a longer query where the error information is not visible. It would be useful if there was a way to show the entire message, for example: Being able to drag to make the pupup bigger or being able to click on "more" which automaticly makes the popup larger. A quick easy fix could be to at least show the error information first in the message and then the entire query.

Is there a way we can make the entire error message visible?


Image 1
Image 2: error message is not visible



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Currently this is not configurable. Feel free to create an idea for this.