Display image in Resource Scheduler (Extender)

  • 3 June 2020
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In a resource scheduler (extender) I would like to display an image in the grid of the resource to make it even more visually clear. I have tried multiple file formats (.bmp, .jpeg, .png, .jfif), but as in the image below (red box) only the file name is shown (the images are well displayed in a screen type grid or form).

Does anyone know if this is possible in the extender (resource scheduler) and how this can be accomplished?


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Hey Robert,


For the scheduler we use a 3rd party component which also includes the tree in which the resources are shown. For a long time this feature was not supported so we were not able to provide this feature. On the website I now see that they do support this feature, so we should be able to implement this in our product.


We will add a User Story to our 'Improve scheduler’ Project and we will update this topic when we will be working on this project.

Kind Regards,


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Hello Roel,


Then unfortunately there is no other option than to wait until this functionality is available. Thanks for answering.


Kind regards,