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  • 15 August 2023
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Hallo everyone,

we have a tree-view in Universal GUI (2023.2.10) that contains a Icon column. The Icon cames out of a domain with a set of elements that represanted some kind of anser types.

We also define the image-column in the SoftwareFactory:


But in the GUI we dont see any icon. But I think there is a little space that represanted the space for an icon.


When we change the screentype to a grid, the icon will shown as expected.


Do we miss something or do we somthing wrong? Or do icons not (yet) work in the tree view under UniversalGUI?


Thanks an kind regards



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Hi Christian,

This should work properly. Can you retry using the latest available Universal GUI to see if that resolves it?

It may also be due to the control of the domain of column "Antwortart_Typ”. can you verify you are using one of the following controls?: 




Hi Mark,

thanks for your replay. Today wie updated our developmet-system to the lates version of Universal GUI (2023.2.12).

At first it made our problem worse. The icons on the second level of our main menu had disappeared.

I then looked at the HTML code and noticed that the attributes "width" and "height" were no longer present in the container above the icon. We only use SVG icons, which also have no size attributes.

Without these attributes the icons will not be displayed. Understandable.

As a solution for us, I have now specified default values for the size in the custom.css of the Universal GUI for svg tags. Now all icons are displayed correctly. In the menu, in the tree view and even on the tabs.

svg {
width: 24px;
height: 24px;

Thank you.

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Hi Christian,

Great this solution works for you, but it is still strange that the icons do work in the Grid, but not in the Tree. That looks to me as inconsistent behavior which is undesired. Could you create a ticket for this in TCP for our Universal team to look into?


Hi Mark,

thanks for your help.
The ticket is created (7668S)

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Hi all,

This has been solved in version 2023.3.10.2, which has just been released.

Kind regards,

Tim de Lang