Date time / timestamp and Timezone of user

  • 21 May 2024
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On MySQL there is a clear difference between the TIMESTAMP data type and the DateTime datatype.

If you want to store when an event in Amsterdam starts, you store the value as DateTime, as a user who wants to go to the event wants to know the time the event starts in Amsterdam.

If you want to store when a record changed you do this as TIMESTAMP, as the user wants to know when it happened relative to his local time.

Is there a way that can I make sure that Thinkwise handles this correctly? 

1 reply

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Hi Daan,

You can make use of Timezone functionality in the Thinkwise Platform:

Domains | Thinkwise Documentation (

Datetime you store in the database can be shown as stored, as well as shown in local time. The local time is set in IAM under Users. The timezone of the user will determine the exact time they see.

Store datetimes in your database as UTC and set the domain to show in local time.