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  • 27 September 2021
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as we aren't able to configure the correct date format via the Extended Property's, we've added an Expression field to the view with some code like "FORMAT(ExpirationDate,'d-M  HH:mm','nl-NL')”

For some reason this function is working when running the application via the SF by a developer, but when deploying (IAM sync done, and also did a generate which shouldn't be needed as it is an expression calcuation) it to a test-environment the FORMAT-expression is showing another format (hh:mm instead of HH:mm)

Some ideas what might be missing here ?

5 replies

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Are you using Universal GUI of Windows GUI?

We found that unfortunately it seems that the Universal GUI does not (correctly) supports this extended property, while the Windows GUI does respond to it.

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For these fields we are (mainly) using the Win UI version 2021.2.19.0.

But also check the Universal now (2021.2.16.0) and there I also notice this behavior.

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Are you sure there is no extended property in IAM overruling the date format? And why did the extended property not work? 

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There us an extended property configured:


But...we'd like to have some additional formatting for these specific field.


Also a strange thing we noticed yesterday is that in our PROD system the FORMAT-command is working as expected, where it isn't at the TEST and DEV environment!

All systems run the same version of Indicium-Legacy and Win UI, but on different servers.
PROD has his own IIS and SQL-server, and DTA-share there IIS and SQL-server.

When running the FORMAT-statement on de PROD SQL and TEST SQL the result is equal and correct.

So….can it be that there is some setting on the TW side which is causing this issue ?

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I noticed your last question was never answered. Is this still relevant or have you already resolved it?