Conditional layout condition columns not commutative

  • 29 October 2021
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I noticed that, when making a conditional layout, if I specify the condition like this:

the relevant columns in the table look like this, where I’d expect a conditional layout to be applied.

However, by simply interchanging the columns in the condition

I do get a working conditional layout:

What’s going on here? I’d expect the order of the columns in the Condition to not matter. Is this intended, or would you like me to report this as a bug?

1 reply

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Hi Dries,

Sounds a bit like either an oversight. The first screenshot is the correct behavior. The second one is not. 

If you want this to work correctly, then you'll need two conditional layouts; one which looks to see if the Year end old is filled or not - if not Year end is Red, and two to compare both but with the added condition that Year end old is not null.

Feel free to report this in TCP :thumbsup_tone1: