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  • 20 June 2022
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Hello everyone,

Has any of you experience with clients that manage and edit the templates used in their solution themselves? We use the DevExpress Report Designer to create templates for the client. However, the client wants to do the editing and maintenance of these templates themselves. As far as I know there is no wysiwig editor for this, so the client would need to use the DevExpress tool as well. This involves a creation of the application after an upload of the template in order to synchronize the report. What would be the proper way to instruct the client in this case? Or are these actions something that you never unlock for the client?
Best regards,
- Alex.


Best answer by Mark Jongeling 20 June 2022, 15:48

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Hi Alex,

A couple of partners of Thinkwise use DevExpress for reports and give their customers the ability to design more parts of the report. It can be done by placing HTML components in the report and placing HTML data from the end product into the HTML component of the report.

In this HTML component, the clients can place the information they would like to see. With some added magic involving self-made parameters/tags, you can replace these parameters/tags with data upon generating the report. It is a bit complicated to explain in text, but I do hope others can add (part of) their solutions to spread the knowledge. 

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Mark, wow! That was quick! 😀 Thank you! You make an interesting point. I'm looking forward to any other insights on this way of working. Thanks again, Mark!