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  • 2 June 2023
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Is there a way to clean the Jobs from the SF? 

Yesterday we had an issue where the ‘sync to iam’ did not react cause there was ‘already an active or scheduled job’. However, this was nowhere to be found. Cleanup of these records (same with merging sessions) is nice. 

Perhaps a ‘cleanup’ task - where we clean these tables, invalidate caches, etc.?





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3 replies

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Hi Alex,

In 2023.1, jobs are automatically cleaned up by a system flow of the Software Factory. It does require the Job retention setting to be filled in the Configuration screen of the Software Factory. In here, you can specify for instance 14, and that will mean jobs older than 14 days will be automatically cleaned up.

SF > Maintenance > Configuration


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Thnx! Job retention was empty, so I expect things to cleanup from now. 

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You can send a request to Indicium to start the system flow immediately. With a POST request to https://[server]/indicium/iam/sf/system_flow_clean_job_data with empty body, the system flow will be initiated.

Else the system flow will start at 20:00 UTC as long as no one turned off the schedule of course 😉