Approval process using task on same table for different role

  • 16 March 2023
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I am creating an approval process on time sheet module. For this there will be 2 roles:



Scenario : When the employee submits the time sheet using a Task, the Task should change from

Submit → Submitted

An email should go to his manager.

On the same table the Manager can see, the employee’s time sheet.

He can either : Approve or Reject the time sheet by the employee using Task.


Can you please guide me to the correct path, any idea how this can be implemented?

I do have a rough idea, however its not fullproof.




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Hi Rucha,

You can have two or three tasks depending on the desired implementation;

  1. Submit timesheet (available to employee)
  2. Approve timesheet (available to manager)
  3. Disapprove timesheet (available to manager) - optional, otherwise merge 2 and 3 together

With role configuration, you can make sure the tasks are only available to the correct role.

Submit timesheet will start a process flow, or otherwise creates a record for a system flow to pick up and start sending an email to the manager of this employee.

Let us know if you need any more assistance 😄

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Thanks Mark, I started having 3 process flows with starting point as the task. Each process flow work for various status change along with sending emails to respective recipients. 

I will work on it and get back if I get stuck. :)

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@Mark Jongeling @Rucha Naik Alternatively, you could use a Context procedure to determine based on the Timesheet status which Task to show. This would also be a bit more robust if a Manager would have to Submit timesheets for himself too, which may or may not have to be approved by her/himself or another Manager.

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@Rucha Naik Did Mark and Arie's answers help you solve this? If so can you please select which answer helped you most by selecting the best answer option. 

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Yes, I was able to create the complete flow. Thanks for the guidance.