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Release notes Universal GUI (2022.2.13.0)

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Release notes Universal GUI (2022.2.13.0)


September 16, 2022:

  • Changed beta release to the full version: 2022.2.13.0
  • Improvements for issues found in the previous beta release:
    • In a grid, when the Edit in grid option was disabled, it was still possible to edit if the corresponding form was also available. This has been fixed.

    • In a subject with the Auto-save option enabled, it was not possible to execute a task or open a report after making changes in edit mode. This has been fixed. The row is now saved, and the task is executed, or the report is opened.


Hello everyone,

As of this sprint, the resource scheduler remembers the selected timescale. Also, performance has been improved, and you can now apply a filter by pressing pEnter] when focused on a field.

In these release notes you will find a full overview of these main features and all minor features and tasks.

As always, we have made a demo for you: try it here. Before trying it out, press 'Clear Cache' on the login screen. You can read the GUI user manual to get familiar with the Universal GUI.

We will keep you updated regularly about Universal's progress.

Universal GUI version 2022.2.13.0

Do not forget the documentation  and be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • A modern browser is required to access the Universal GUI, e.g., a recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari mobile. Using the Universal GUI with IE is not supported.
  • The Universal GUI must be deployed on the same server as Indicium or an allowed origin in appsettings.json.
  • The Universal GUI only works with version 2021.1 and up of the Thinkwise Platform.
  • Make sure you run all hotfixes on the IAM and SF that you plan to use for the Universal GUI.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Indicium Universal.

Download the Universal GUI version 2022.2.13.0 here 


Contents of this release



Thinkwise Platform support release 2020.2 is ending

In accordance with our Lifecycle policy , Universal GUI support for Thinkwise Platform release 2020.2 is ending. Please upgrade to at least Software Factory release 2021.1 to use this Universal GUI 2022.2.13 release.


Resource scheduler remembers the selected timescale

The resource scheduler now remembers the timescale the user selected: When reopening the scheduler window, the last timescale chosen is displayed. This preference is saved in the browser (for example, Google Chrome on your device) but is not persisted across browsers or devices.

Formlist with Combo and Image Combo elements

The Formlist component now supports Combo and Image Combo controls, using domain elements (as items to choose).


Performance improved when first opening a subject

When opening a subject for the first time in a session, the performance has been improved by loading the subjects' model data in parallel. As background information: A session starts when opening the Universal GUI. This session ends when refreshing or closing the Universal GUI browser tab.

Default editable grid performance improved

To improve the performance of the default editable grid, we changed the way it works. Previously, the Universal GUI was locked until the active row was saved and error-free. This made switching between rows very slow because committing the previous record and then setting the new row in edit mode was a sequence of actions.

As of this version, a user can start editing the next row while the previously edited row(s) are still waiting for the commit. If an error occurs in a previous row, the user receives a message and visual help about it but can continue to edit the row they are working on and fix the error later.

Filters applied with the 'Enter' key in a Filter component

In a filter component, you can now apply a filter by pressing lEnter] when focused on a field. Previously, the filter would only apply after removing focus from the field (iTab]).

Minor fixes and tasks

  • For a grid with a row group, double-clicking a row group header would also incorrectly execute the double-click task assigned to a selected record within the group. This has been fixed.

  • Importing records into a detail subject or lookup subject from Excel failed because the data was tried to be imported into the main subject. This has been fixed.

  • When editing in a default editable grid and selecting another record, the grid could scroll unnecessarily. This could result in the edited record not being visible in the current view. This has been fixed.

  • When executing a task on multiple records, the execution order was sometimes incorrect compared to the order in which the records were displayed. This has been fixed.

  • In charts, translated domain elements were not shown. This has been fixed.

  • We fixed a bug where the splitter content width exceeded its limits. Before this release, this could, for example, result in action bar buttons not appearing on the screen:

    Incorrect action bar buttons

    This has been fixed:

    Correct action bar buttons

What we will be working on next sprint

The next sprint we will be working on:

  • Technical research: Deep link to process flow - A deep link to a process flow allows the developer to create links that can be sent via email or otherwise. These links start the Universal GUI and then a process flow. In the technical research, we design the underlying functionality.
  • Activate maps process flow action - This process flow action allows you to activate the Maps component for the user, similar to the Activate grid and Activate form process actions.
  • Activate scheduler process flow action - This process flow action allows you to activate the Scheduler component for the user, similar to the Activate grid and Activate form process actions.
  • Add row in grid - The ability to add a row directly in a pinned top row of a grid.
  • Refresh row functionality - The refresh row option will be supported for tasks and after inserting, updating, or copying a record.
  • UI/UX design for advanced filter popup - The advanced filter option will be available as a popup to all users and offers more complex options than the current filter form. This functionality will become the basis for the user-defined prefilters.

Looks like there's a breaking tweak in this version.

After installing update 2022.2.13 (from 2022.2.11) a process flow gives the error 'The process action 'open_document_vw_xxxxx' was provided with the invalid value 'd430c2b7-a48a-49f2-b405-06a0c993ec12' for it's 'open_doc_doc_id' parameter (7c32fe65)'

It seems that the typing of the output variable 'Document' in the process action 'Open document' has been changed from integer to GUID.
In version 2022.2.11 this was stored by us in an 'integer-process variable'. To avoid the dump we need to use a 'GUID process variable' in version 2022.2.13.

This error message is reproducible by restoring version 2022.2.11 and vice versa.

Is the characterization of this output variable indeed changed?

As far as I know, Universal / Indicium always expected this input parameter of the processflow action to be defined as a varchar type instead of a numeric. 

You can change the datatype in the SF, without any risks to resolve the problem.


Does this resolve the problem?

Thanks for the quick reply Eric
In the unmodified version of our process flow we worked with an integer-process variable and with version 2022.2.11 of Universal/Indicium this worked fine.
Only after (with) the update to 2022.2.13 we get the error message.
Changing the process variable's datatype solves the problem.

Maybe the documentation can be adjusted? It now states that an "ID" is used, and from that description it is not really clear that it is a GUID ;-)

Process flow actions | Thinkwise Documentation (

I agree on the documentation part. I will put it up to our documentation team.